Collection: New York City

New York City, a vibrant crucible of artistic expression, has profoundly shaped the world of rock music. From the the early folk coffee shops of Greenwich Village to the avant-garde experimentation of the Velvet Underground and the explosive birth of punk at CBGB, the city's energy has fueled countless bands and inspired generations. Our NYC Collection channels that electricity and honors those singular artists.

A centerpiece of the collection is our NYC Rock Underground design — a subway map featuring 70 iconic rock bands and musicians that roared through the five boroughs to transport fans and influence the world. Other designs include our vintage bohemian Gaslight Cafe tees, a drum machine interface that samples a Beastie Boys deep cut, and a bizarre Leonard Cohen/pigeon mash-up.

Our latest addition, the “August 11, 1973” design, celebrates the night in the Bronx 50 years ago when DJ Kool Herc threw a back-to-school jam for his sister and rocked the crowd with his innovative dual-turntable technique, changing the course of music forever. Our design features his actual turntable and wording from the party’s invitation as a tribute to this musical milestone.