Collection: Ohio — The State of Rock

We set out to make a T-shirt that honored the iconic musicians and rock bands that got their start in the rural hills and urban streets of Ohio. But things got out of hand.

Ninety-nine artists and bands later, the design has transformed from a hall of fame to a diverse collection of punks, poets, troubadours and troublemakers. While the icons are still there, now the iconoclasts are also on stage. And, like the Ohio music it represents, the tee comes in a variety of styles and colors — and just makes you feel awesome.

For a limited time, we've also brought back our State of Rock "Tailgate" design in pro-team orange for Ohio football fans who love local rock as much as they love their team. Whichever team you’re rooting for this season, there’s one thing all Ohioans can agree on — our state rocks!